Should Your Business in KL or Selangor Opt to Buy or Rent a Chiller Truck?


To rent or to buy a chiller truck can be a tough decision to make for a business owner in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. Therefore, it is important to understand and weigh the pros and cons between both before making a decision.

Buying Chiller Truck


Buying your own cold truck allows you to customize the truck and choose the size that best suits your company’s needs. 

When investing in a chiller truck you are free to install advertisements and company banners or stickers on the side of the truck, raising your brand awareness in an innovative way. 

Another advantage of purchasing your own chiller truck would be there is no time lag to go through another third party truck rental company. You could work according to your own schedule all the time without having to worry about issues of delays that are often faced when working with a third party. 


However, it may not be advisable as buying a new chiller truck can be expensive. Always make sure that you are financially ready first before purchasing. 

When making decisions on purchasing a chiller truck, you should never neglect the truck servicing maintenance cost. This would involve insurance for the chiller truck.  

You will need to hire licensed truck drivers in order to operate your chiller truck. It can be a great challenge to find experienced and honest workers.

Chiller Truck Rental


For chiller truck rental you would only have to pay based on the services used. Whenever you are unsatisfied with the service, you have the freedom to change for the better.

You could outsource the cold chain logistics as it often comes with more experienced and professional supply chain management, thus, helping you to deliver your services without hassle. 

Working with a third party refrigerated truck rental company can be a great choice. When your logistics are taken care of, you can focus on other important areas of business – operations and marketing.

Renting a chiller truck can save your business from unnecessary cost and is especially useful when it comes to seasonal demand fluctuations. 


One disadvantage of renting a chiller truck would be having to look for a long term rental service provider. Finding a reliable truck rental service provider often takes more time and effort. 

There are many factors to think about when it comes to renting or buying a chiller truck for your business. But when it comes to chiller truck rental, choose our professional service today!