Flower Delivery Truck in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We provide top quality flower delivery truck service in Kuala Lumpur Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Our services cover a broad distribution channel from flower growers including those in Cameron Highlands, flower exporter and importer, and florist to the hand of the consumer.

Flowers begin decomposing the minute that they are cut, so delivery time is crucial.

Flower transportation including to Johor, Malacca and Ipoh is best done by a professional cold truck provider. The use of flower delivery and working with a third-party transportation company that is experienced in cold chain can help preserve your flowers’ life. Healthy, beautiful flowers won’t survive their long journey without a proper cold chain solution.

Importance for effective and reliable cold flower delivery truck service:

Reliable cool setting throughout

Like every other plant, cut flowers undergo respiratory processes. While this heat is easily dissipated in an open environment, storage in sealed packages means this thermal energy is maintained around the flowers. Floral transporters need to have a working refrigerated system that helps to delay the aging process and preserve the shelf life of the flower.

Flowers are fragile

The flowers must not be kept out of the water for extended periods. Flowers must be transported with their stems suspended in water to ensure their freshness upon arrival at destination.

On time delivery to your customers

A well-maintained flower truck transport that is fully equipped with a quality cooling system ensures the flowers are delivered on time and help to maintain freshness for your florist business or shop. 

Multiple pickup stops

If you wish to deliver multiple flowers the same day you could benefit from our multi-stops pickup services to save you time and money.

Cold room rental facilities

Our cold storage rooms are designed to keep the temperature, air flow and humidity at the appropriate level so that petals of the flowers stay fresh and good looking.

Well-maintained truck

Having regular truck maintenance is important. Without proper preventive checks, vehicles may face breakdowns on the road in the future, especially during delivery days which can impact the business in the long run.

Special rates for long term transportation contracts

We are open to discuss contract rates for recurring long term service periods that provide florists with the benefits of cost reduction that makes it a win-win strategy for both our company and our client.

Cold transport companies like us can tackle all your trucking needs. Besides flowers, we are able to deliver all your temperature-sensitive products from fruits and vegetables, dairy products, ice cream, to frozen foods.

We provide quality handling and priority loading, making sure your perishables are delivered on time to their destination. We specialize in temperature-sensitive truck delivery which allows us to provide the best and quality that the industry provides. 

Our cargo transport solutions help you meet your business’s goods delivery needs. To learn more about our experience, contact our service team today!

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“We have been working together with Success Frozen for the transportation of our company’s fresh flowers and plants throughout Klang Valley for the last few months and we are happy with the quality of services we received!”

Ms Lindsay

“We are a fresh flower importer in Petaling Jaya and we are happy to work with the Success Frozen team over the last few years. Our flowers have always been transported in good conditions.”



How is my flower delivery service cost determined?

Your flower delivery service cost is calculated based on the pickup and drop-off destination, weight and number of food items that needs to be transported and truck size that is allocated, number of trips required, if any add on services required such as night delivery or Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance that is charged separately.

Where is Success Frozen’s flower delivery truck service available?

Our main flower delivery service area is in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We also provide flower transport service to and from Johor, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and other locations within Peninsula Malaysia.

When should I make payment for the flower transport?

We accept only cash, bank transfers or cheques at the moment for the flower transport service. Final payment is to be made by the delivery date.

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