Refrigerated Truck in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor


With the increasing demand for varieties in food and beverages, our refrigerated truck service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor has gained much popularity over the past years. Our refrigerated truck promised to deliver the most reliable and exceptional service to accommodate your needs!

Refrigerated trucks are also used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes. Certain drugs, research materials, and vaccines required to be stored under a fixed temperature to ensure freshness and effectiveness.

Our refrigerated truck rental service can assure you the items assigned will be delivered to the preferred location in a safe and sound condition.

Features of our refrigerated trucks:

● Eco-friendly refrigerated truck
● Effective moisture prevention during use
● A functional and safe refrigerated truck
● Special transportation package specially for your needs

Our refrigerated truck is built to be eco-friendly where it is powered by on-site electrical power instead of the engine. We promise less carbon emission and noise when in use for your comfort. We strived to provide the best resources to support your business and to fulfill your requirements while conserving our environment together!

Insulation is one of the biggest concerns of a refrigerated truck as most of the products delivered need to be stored at a low temperature. This ensures the temperature in the truck is maintained within the range requested for your goods. With our exceptional insulation system, the freshness of your products is guaranteed!

We offer you a functional refrigerated truck that makes your life easy. Our refrigerated truck is able to meet all the requirements for food products and non-food products.

We make an energy-demanding unloading job of yours simple with power lift gates or ramps. Most of the refrigerated trucks are manually transmitted but we are different! Our refrigerated trucks are automatically transmitted for the ease of driver, especially during heavy traffic. We promise to provide the utmost service with satisfaction guaranteed!

Factors to consider before renting a refrigerated truck:

● Consider will there be hidden costs.
● Is the truck well maintained with no problems such as noise.
● Accessibility of the truck.
● The insulation of the refrigerated truck.

Most of the refrigerated truck is powered with their engine which means the truck has to be running throughout the occasion. This increases the use of fuel significantly, especially during long hours of event. To avoid this problem, our cost-effective refrigerated trucks are powered by on-site electrical power!
It is important for the truck to be well maintained to create a comfortable environment for our renters. Our refrigerated truck is free from noise and harmful emissions.

Good accessibility to the truck makes your job simple. We provide both power lift gates and walk up ramps to cater to your needs. Our high quality insulation of refrigerated truck prevents moisture buildup in the truck that increases risk of injury. We are the leading refrigerated truck rental service which provides you the best convenience!

Our service is mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to other locations in Peninsular Malaysia such as Johor, Penang, Malacca, Kuantan etc. Contact us via phone call, email or live chat now to let us know how can we help you today!