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Success Frozen Trading & Transport Sdn Bhd started its operations as a truck transport company home based in Kajang, Selangor in 1995 as a locally owned transporter. Our company was incorporated as a limited corporation in Malaysia on 7th May 1997 at Kajang, Selangor under the Companies Act 1965. Our core business is providing cold transportation management to our clients.

Good news! We have also have business partners with United States, USA based companies with branch in Malaysia to provide international logistics, freight, carrier, and shipping solutions.

In 2007, Success Frozen has expanded business to an additional 4 shops in Kajang for the purpose of our own warehouse and a cold room for our customers’ goods storage.

The utmost priority to our customer is the safe and secure management of clients’ good to create peace of mind for them whilst their goods are in transit from various ship destinations when entrusted to Success Frozen.

Emphasis is also put on integrity of our operations and building customer confidence through our transparent and open processes. Continuous personal face to face discussions and interaction with our customers able to increase their confidence in Success Frozen ability to carry out our commitments.

We also operates our own workshop to maintain our fleet of refrigerated trucks. This 24×7 facility attends immediately to all our vehicle maintenance so as to ensure our customer deliveries are not impacted in anyway due to any breakdown problems. We are also planning for new expansion of our current truck fleet in the near future to cater to our growing customers demands.

In our 21 years of service history to our local and multinational clients, Success Frozen is proud to have achieved a 100% secure, successful and efficient delivery of our commitment to customers.

Our Services

We offer a full line of individual services as well as custom integrated logistics solution which includes following size:

  • 44 units of refrigerated trucks (1 – 10 Tonner Trucks)
  • 16 units of box trucks
  • 8 x 40 feet trailers

All our drivers are equipped with a mobile phone when during the deliver rounds to enable monitoring of any slightest change in cargo movement to avoid possible delays during the course of transportation to final destination.

Most of our main trucking vehicles have been installed with GPS equipment systems for us to monitor the trucks movement, fuel, road safety and timing matters. We also use and installed temperature sensors in some of our cold trucks. Our design of temperature slips can be printed to customers instantly. Thus, we can always ensure the goods are in good condition and also gain trust from our customers.

Our Vision

To become the industry preferred total logistics solution provider and partner to all our customers.

Our Mission

A commitment to provide on time and secure delivery of every transaction entrusted to the company.

Our Objectives

  • To provide competitive and quality service at competitive rates to ensure value added services to our customers through benchmarking.
  • To be customer focused to ensure customer satisfaction in our special solution and execution.
  • To put security as a top priority item in the service when drive and deliver customers goods.
  • To maintain integrity and dedication to client’s best interests through the professional practice of good business ethics and governance.

Our Values

  • Passion for the success of our client’s business
  • Taking ownership of every transaction
  • Teamwork and collaboration work within and with the clients

Our Managing Director – Mr Ten Yoke Wong

Mr Ten Yoke Wong’s experience in transportation spans over 24 years, both in national and international multinational corporations. His experienced and speciality is in the movement of refrigerated shipments which is a specialized niche business. From a humble beginning, he has grown and help this business into a truck transportation company that is recognized in the field of refrigerated and general cargo transport and delivery services.

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