5 Ton Lorry in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our 5 ton lorry is normally used for commercial purposes or moving products to the warehouse around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Due to the many manufacturing companies around, they need a reliable lorry rental service provider to assist them in delivering their goods.

Our 14 feet lorry has a 5,000 kg payload. For detailed specification, its dimensions are (L x W x H) 480cm x 220cm x 210cm. The approximate volume of the cargo box is 20m³ so it can accommodate around 4-8 pallets.

We can assist with your different transportation needs with our:

Our 5 ton box trucks are the most common trucks that are used to transport goods for businesses.

  • Bonded Truck

Bonded truck rental is a type of service provided by us – a reliable truck service provider which transports goods to the destination with a simplified process.

The ambiance in our 5 ton chiller trucks is monitored so that an optimal temperature is maintained at all times.

  • Dry Truck

Dry trucks are similar to box trucks in terms of functionalities. 

Truck charter services are available for small and medium-sized businesses to deliver the cargo to their customers’ destinations.

Why is it so important to choose the right truck size?

Choosing the right truck size can save you tons of money because the number of trips can be reduced when you can accurately estimate the amount and weight of your cargo. For example, you may only need 1 trip when you choose a 5-ton truck but need 2 trips if you accidentally booked a smaller lorry.

When you have not researched the truck before renting it, the goods might not fit into the truck rented. This is why you need to check for the height of the goods vs the maximum truck height before moving on to the payment phase. Alternatively, you can provide us with the details of your goods and the destination so that we can check the height clearance of the location to avoid being stuck at the toll station.

Why should you rent a truck from us? 

We are one of the most reliable truck rental service providers that you can find in Klang Valley that provides coverage from the Northern States to the Southern States from Klang or Petaling Jaya. 

You can rest assured with our affordable pricing and reliable service with on-time updates so that you are updated with the current situation of the transportation of your goods.

Please drop us a message or email us right now to discuss how we can assist your business with our trucks. We hope we can work closely to grow your business together and become your long-term lorry service provider if you decide to engage us.