Frozen Food Transportation Services from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Frozen food transportation services are used for many businesses, especially small businesses where the demand for frozen food is increasing in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas. Many people are buying frozen food as they are realizing the convenience that frozen food can bring to them since it shortens the time for cooking a particular dish by a lot.

How Are Frozen Foods Transported?

Frozen food is transported using a frozen truck with the latest cooling technology in order to keep the food in the optimal temperature. Normally the temperature must be kept below 0°C degrees Celsius so that the food does not thaw during the delivery process.

A frozen truck would typically have dry ice and liquid nitrogen quilts to act as a supportive tool besides the air-conditioners to stabilize the temperature inside the cold truck. Not only that, the frozen truck must be pre-cooled before the transportation process.

How Should Frozen Food Be Delivered?

Frozen food should be delivered to the hands of the customer with at least -15°C degree Celsius or else the customer has the right to reject the frozen product because it is not at its optimal shelf life anymore. 

This is why there is a thermometer inside the truck to ensure that the truck is always at the optimum temperature. The customer would always choose the service provider that has the best cold chain technology since frozen food is considered a perishable product if its temperature is not kept below -18°C degrees Celsius.

Advantages of Our Frozen Food Transportation Services

  • Professional Product Handling

Our cold chain system and technology ensures that your product is handled properly. In addition, we have a team of experts which are experienced in dealing with frozen food delivery, they will monitor the delivery process so that it goes smoothly, so you can be rest assured.

  • Food Quality is Maintained

Your frozen products’ quality is maintained safely by our team of professionals who handle your goods because the right technology is used for the delivery process. We ensure that all SOPs are followed for the frozen delivery service to the customers.

  • Efficient Cold Transportation Service

We are very efficient in this industry so we will make sure to deliver your items as per the promised delivery time. You can take a look at our customers’ feedback on the good track record of our cold services for the past decade.

Our frozen product delivery includes frozen seafood, frozen berries, and frozen meat. Besides frozen products, our goods transportation include chilled, refrigerated and dry goods so make sure to enquire for more information from us.

Please note that we only provide goods delivery service mainly in Klang Valley to other locations inclusive of Johor, Kedah, and Terengganu. If you need food transportation service in these areas, do not hesitate to approach us as we will surely give you very attractive rates if you decide to partner with our company for the long term.