5 Ton Refrigerated Truck in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

A 5 ton refrigerated truck rental is what you need when you want to transport your goods such as frozen food and vegetables around Kuala Lumpur or Selangor. Want to transport your goods but do not know why you should hire one? Our 5 ton cold truck is the best option you have to transport various goods in a faster and safer way. Still not convinced why you should get one?

Our main clients for our 5 ton refrigerated truck rental service include: 

Vegetable and Fruits Farms

If you are into selling vegetables and fruits, our 3 ton or 5 ton chiller truck rental is the best choice as you can control its temperature and can be a form of quality control that helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresh no matter how far or long hours it takes to transport it.

Pharmaceutical, Medical and Healthcare Businesses

Yes, even pharmaceutical companies need a refrigerated truck to transport their medical supplies. This is because most items can be temperature-sensitive products and a refrigerated truck can help regulate the temperature when transporting it. This can prevent contamination and maintain product quality. 

Frozen Food Manufacturers and SME Companies

If you are a big-time or small manufacturer of frozen food such as ice cream, yogurts, homemade meals, you might find a 5 ton chilled truck transport useful. As it helps you transport your goods with the same quality you produced it with. This can help your products stay fresh during the transportation period that will ensure customer satisfaction too!

Definitely, a 5 ton refrigerated truck rental can help you transport your goods in a safer and better way! If you are ready to hire a 5 ton truck for your business but do not know where to start, here are three reasons why you should consider us as your service provider. 

Reasonable Rates

We offer 1 ton to 5 ton refrigerated truck service with the most affordable price you will get. Our pricing is cheaper and affordable to cater to small businesses as well. If you need transportation on an adhoc basis, we are the most suitable option. We will save you from buying and maintaining your own freezer truck which is way more costly and inefficient.

Reliable On-time Transport

Promise your customers to deliver on an exact time and date? We always put our customers as our priority and their reputation. We value our customers time and we will make sure we deliver all goods on time. So, you do not have to wait or be afraid of not delivering on time!

Long Term Rates For Our Loyal Customers

If there is one thing, we are sure of, we always cherish our most loyal customers. With loyal customers, we make sure they receive good offers and are satisfied to continue working with us. Thus, we provide long term rates available for most of our customers. If you are looking for long term partnerships, we will make sure you get the best service for the most affordable and reasonable price. 

Are you convinced to get a 5 ton refrigerated truck rental for your business? Well, get in touch with us now via email and phone call for more information!

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“Our frozen food company in Shah Alam have been working with Success Frozen’s pro team for about a year now. Their team is professional and efficient. Thank you for being our reliable cold delivery partner! ”

Mr Alvin Teh

“The team from Success Frozen that handled our cold transport delivery via their  ton refrigerated truck service was great! We plan to work with your company in the long term for delivery of items to our customers in Ipoh and Penang.”

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How is my 5 ton refrigerated truck rental service cost determined?

Your 5 ton refrigerated truck rental service cost is calculated based on the pickup and drop-off destination, weight and number of items that needs to be transported and number of trips required, if any add on services required such as night delivery or Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance that is charged separately.

Where is Success Frozen’s 5 ton refrigerated truck rental service available?

Our main 5 ton refrigerated truck rental service area is in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We also provide cold, frozen and chiller truck rental service to and from Johor, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and other locations within Peninsula Malaysia.

When should I make payment for the 5 ton refrigerated truck rental?

We accept only cash, bank transfers or cheques at the moment for the 5 ton refrigerated truck rental. Final payment is to be made by the delivery date.

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