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Chartered Truck Services

Chartered Truck Rental in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our reliable and efficient chartered truck rental service is designed to provide the best for your business because that is our company’s top priority. Our chartered truck rental services are available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and to other parts of Peninsular Malaysia to Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Malacca and more.

If you are a business owner, you might want to purchase your very own state of the art truck, but do not get carried away. Consider your business’ financial status, and decide whether owning a truck is really worth all the hassle of maintaining it.

Getting a chartered truck rental service can prove highly beneficial for your business in the long run as purchasing a truck requires a big financial investment for your business.

We want to help your business to run smoothly and successfully, that is why we offer to transport your goods and products for you using our well-maintained lorries.

Here are some reason why you should consider a chartered truck rental service:

  • Your company might have a restrict amount of money to invest in a private truck or you may require the cash flow for other aspects of your business, so we offer to complete your transportation tasks for a lower price.
  • Your company might have bad credit that keeps the business from making such a big purchase. Moreover, leasing a truck service will eliminate all the taxes associated with a hefty purchase.
  • There are maintenance and repair costs for a truck that have recurring costs over the years. This may be an extra burden on your company’s finances that you want to avoid. Leave the maintenance and repair of the transport vehicle to us while you continue to make profitable decisions for your business.
  • If your business is seasonal, you definitely want to hire a chartered truck. It just makes things simpler.

Eliminate down payments, tax deductions, and maintenance costs. Hire the our truck for your goods.

The types of chartered truck rental service that we provide includes:

  • Dry trucks
  • Box lorries (from 1 ton to 10 ton)
  • Cargo transport
  • Trailer trucks (including curtain sider truck type and 40 ft trailers)
  • Bonded lorry
  • Refrigerated trucks

Whatever type of chartered truck service that your company requires, we have the right truck for your business.

Our experienced and skilled team including trained and safe lorry drivers work hard to help all our customers move their goods.

Please contact us today via email, message or call us to find out more information and get a FREE quote and book our reliable chartered truck hire services now. Let us serve you and your business.

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“We have engaged Success Frozen for chartered truck rental service from Petaling Jaya to Malacca for our company’s delivery for a year now. They are always on-time. Thank you.”

Mr Ooi Heng Guan

“Thank you Success Frozen for the reliable chartered truck rental service at a short request notice from our company from Shah Alam to Penang. We appreciate your service very much.”

Puan Husnah Ali


How is my chartered truck rental service cost determined?

Your chartered truck rental service cost is calculated based on the pickup and drop-off destinations, weight and number of items that needs to be transported and truck size and tonnage that is allocated, and number of trips required, if any add on services required such as night delivery or Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance that is charged separately.

Where is Success Frozen’s chartered truck rental service available?

Our main chartered truck rental service area is in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We also provide other types of truck rental service to and from Johor, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and other locations within Peninsular Malaysia.

When should I make payment for the chartered truck rental service?

We accept only cash, bank transfers or cheques at the moment for the chartered truck rental service. Final payment is to be made by the delivery date.

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