Console Truck in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

We provide console truck service from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor including to the Northern and Southern states of Malaysia. 

Console truck service or partial truckload rental service is to deliver a small volume of loose cargo instead of renting a whole lorry is an option designed specifically for small businesses. This is because some SMEs cannot afford to rent a whole truck for transporting their products because it may cost too much for them. This is why our console truck services are catered to them.

How Does Our Consolidation Transportation Work?

Console trucks work by combining the order of a few customers in order to fill the whole lorry. Some businesses only need a few boxes of goods to be delivered to their customers and they do not wish to pay the rental of the whole truck because of the small number of goods ordered.

Our console truck pricing depends on the number of products (the larger in amount or weight will incur more cost), types of products for delivery (dry or cold cargo), pickup location, the number of drop-off points (if the distance is far, more cost will be incurred), delivery time (weekdays or weekend) and the type of lorry used for the delivery (a larger truck used will incur more cost). You can always enquire us about the quotation of our door-to-door delivery service before making your decision.

Benefits Of Our Road Truck Freight Consolidation:

Reduced Transportation Fees

As a small to medium-sized business, we believe that may be challenging for some of your businesses to reach the volume for a chartered truck rental service. Our road freight consolidation service is here to assist you so you do not need to engage a whole truck rental service which may result in the lorry capacity being underutilized. You can outsource the transportation of your goods at a lower cost.

Increased Customers’ Satisfaction

Our road freight consolidation service is here to help you increase your efficiency in delivering goods as we can help you bundle up your different customer orders in our console lorry. We can deliver your goods to your customers’ hands in a shorter time with our trucking service provided thanks to our road freight consolidation service.

Trying Out Different Suppliers’ Product

With our truck consolidation service, you can purchase a small number of products from different suppliers to try out their product quality. Then, you can choose the best one out of these suppliers in order to provide the best for your customers.

Our lorry service is mainly in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to other locations in Peninsular Malaysia including Negeri Sembilan. Drop us a message to enquire about our truck frequency and schedule to Johor, Kedah, or Terengganu. 

We often provide the best trucking rates that you can find in town, so do not hesitate to call or email us for the estimated quotation to aid in your planning.

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How is my console truck service cost determined?

Your console truck service cost is calculated based on the pickup and drop-off destinations, weight and number of items that needs to be transported and truck size and tonnage that is allocated, and number of trips required, if any add on services required such as night delivery or Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance that is charged separately.

Where is Success Frozen’s console truck service available?

Our main console truck service area is in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We also provide console truck service to and from Johor, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and other locations within Peninsular Malaysia.

When should I make payment for the console truck service?

We accept only cash, bank transfers or cheques at the moment for the console truck service. Final payment is to be made by the delivery date.

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