Fruit and Vegetable Transportation in KL & Selangor

We are the specialist in fruits and vegetables transport in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Fruits and vegetables are perishable products that are sensitive to temperature change. For this reason, they have a low shelf life and special transportation is need for these products to stay fresh and be consumable.

Our main clients that hire our fruits and vegetables transport services includes:

– Restaurants

– Vegetables and fruit farms

– Food importer and exporters

– Retailers

How do we transport these fruits and vegetables?

We have special trucks equipped with high tech cooling or frozen system and insulated cargo that keep fruits and vegetables cool or frozen while transporting from one location to another. These special trucks are needed because Malaysia’s hot weather can cause food to go bad really fast. With our high tech cooling and frozen trucks, be rest assured that your fruits and vegetables are kept fresh or frozen and retain product shelf life longer.

Advantages of hiring our fruits and vegetables cold and chilled transport service:

1. Chilled and frozen – We have both chilled and frozen truck rental at your service. Chilled truck can keep products at a temperature of 0 – 10 degrees. Frozen truck can keep products at a temperature of -18 degrees and below

2. Experienced – We have years of experience in handling chilled and frozen food. Our logistic system is well established and refined over the years in business

3. Specialist – We are one of the few cold food logistics providers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to provide these services. We know our stuff!

4. Negotiable and flexible – We cater to any budget you have and suit your need. We are also flexible on frequency and time of delivery.

5. Punctuality – We valued time and we are in business together. We make sure your products arrive on time at their destination for your smooth business operations.

6. Fast response – We have a round the clock support team to track your delivery and live troubleshoot at your disposal.

Besides fruits and vegetables, we also provide cold truck transport service for frozen food, seafood, frozen meat and poultry, ice-cream, and flowers. Here are some tips to get your product ready for these services we provide:

Determine when and how often your product needs to be delivered via cold lorry

– same day or next day or weekly or monthly

 how many time of delivery in a week or in a month

Determine your products require extra and special packaging

 Internal packaging could be with expanded polystyrene, rigid polyurethane form & etc.

 External packaging could be sturdy airtight container & etc.

Note: Make sure your packaging is well seated and taped. This is because your product may share goods transportation with other products from our clients in the same truck. To prevent contamination during transportation, we require our clients to ensure all packaging is well taped and insulated.

Form a budget that you can allocate for this service.

Create a list of locations you wish your product to be picked up or delivery.

Create a list of product that you wish to use this service.

Want to know more about our services? Looking for better solutions for your business? Just start your F&B business and need some advice in food transportation? Call us or write us an email, our friendly staff will assist all your enquiries.

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“We have been partnering with Success Frozen for the transportation of our company’s fruits and vegetables produce to our customers across Kuala Lumpur for the 3 months and counting! Great service!”

Madam Cecelia

“We are a fruits and vegetables supplier in Klang and we are happy to engage Success Frozen to deliver our range of fruit and vegetable produce to our retail customers in Klang Valley and Petaling Jaya.”

Encik Fuad


How is my fruits and vegetables transportation service cost determined?

Your fruits and vegetables transportation service cost is calculated based on the pickup and drop-off destination, weight and number of food items that needs to be transported and truck size that is allocated, number of trips required, if any add on services required such as night delivery or Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance that is charged separately.

Where is Success Frozen’s fruits and vegetables delivery service available?

Our main fruits and vegetables delivery service area is in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. We also provide fruit and vegetables transportation service to and from Johor, Malacca, Penang, Ipoh and other locations within Peninsula Malaysia.

When should I make payment for the fruit and vegetables delivery?

We accept only cash, bank transfers or cheques at the moment for the fruits and vegetables delivery service. Final payment is to be made by the delivery date.

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