Why Engage Our Local Frozen Food Delivery Service in KL & Selangor

We provide the best frozen food delivery service across Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to help with all your cold chain logistics needs. We are one of top local cold logistics companies in Malaysia and we know what it takes, every step of the way, to ensure on-time delivery of goods. We utilize our fleet of frozen trucks to make sure your sensitive goods are in good condition when they arrive. 

The frozen system we use ensures the product is cooled, even if your product is transported during the day, the quality of the product will not change. Our cold chain logistics solution will deliver your products to the destination on time while meeting their temperature requirements, so that you can focus on other business operations and leave the hassle to us confidently.

As one of the leading cold chain companies, we optimize our cold chain processes and management to drive efficiencies and real-time visibility across all aspects of the operations. 

Our Clientele Includes:

  • Specialty food distributors

It takes a team of perishables cold food logistics experts to manage these delivery time-sensitive products comprehensively. You can be rest assured that your temperature-sensitive products from temperature-controlled storage to trucks are handled for fresh deliveries without compromising product’s integrity.

  • Local farmers and farms

We provide logistics solutions for the agricultural industry. From transporting to storage, we provide a comprehensive set of solutions to optimize our client’s supply chain operations.

  • Food importers and exporters

We are experienced in import and export handling with the best cold chain logistic services for various products. We ensure that your perishable items will be handled correctly at necessary temperature, giving temperature sensitive products longer shelf lives and the highest quality.

  • Dairy suppliers

The bacteria in the dairy can grow quickly at room temperature. We make sure adequate controls are in place to ensure food safety and efficiency.

  • Frozen seafood and meats companies

We manage your seafood and meat along the cold supply chain to ensure the safe and successful transport of fresh and frozen seafood and meat products. Our efficient transportation and secure storage methods ensure time and temperature-sensitive perishable seafood and meat products stay fresh. Our team’s goal is to carry out on-time delivery of frozen seafood and meats to our customers.

Contact us to learn more about the different cold services and the different shipping industry resources we have. You may visit our premises to find out more about our cold trucks and cold room facilities

Engage our logistics solutions for the successful shipping and handling of your perishables, every time. 

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