Frozen Truck Rental in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor


Our business offers frozen truck rental services in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Frozen trucks are often seen at shopping malls, fairs, and grocery stores offering special service delivery of perishable and low-temperature goods.

If you’re looking for a frozen truck rental service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, you’ve nothing to worry about as we offer the most reliable, convenient, and affordable transportation services in the city and to other states in Peninsular Malaysia such as to Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and Johor.

The following are tips to consider when hiring frozen truck rentals solutions:

Refrigeration Equipment

You need to rent a frozen truck that uses equipment from reputable manufacturer companies. Why choose our company? Well, we have a long-lasting high quality service and reputation for reliability and consistency. Our main trucks for hire have well-designed refrigeration and freezing system that can handle all the stages of transportation for all your products delivery needs and requirements to their destined locations or port.

Size and Configuration

Before you decide to hire a refrigerated lorry service, what type of storage capacity do you expect from a frozen truck rental service? At our company, you can choose from a variety of the available fleet of truck transport vehicles that we have to use for short or long distance transport. For easier moving, loading and unloading of food produce, meat or frozen food cargo, you can opt for a truck with side loading door or opening.

Overnight Considerations

Some of your routes might require stoppage time, overnight parking, or a ferry ride. So can you be certain that the vehicle will maintain the required temperature that can keep your food frozen or chilled? There is no doubt with our frozen trucks – whether it is a 1 ton or 5 ton reefer truck. These truck units come with a complete electric standby that guarantees your contents a standard low temperature control environment.

Chiller Fridge versus Freezer

We understand that the type of goods and products that our customers deliver and transport is of great importance. Some of our range of frozen trucks that we provide at competitive rates have the ability to freeze and chill products within given refrigerator compartments of the cargo hold. Consequently, others are strictly freezer unit. Therefore, it’s upon you to decide on the cool temperature level for your food products before choosing a suitable frozen truck rental service to keep the product fresh.

Please call our friendly customer support service team right now or email us to book our frozen truck rental service options today or ask for more information to request for free new quote at a reasonable price rate for your commercial company.