Simple Guide to Our Efficient Frozen Transport Service From KL & Selangor


Our frozen transport service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor is reliable and used by many businesses in town. Our company’s frozen transport has a customised temperature that will keep your goods frozen through the journey. This is because the chiller truck has a cooling system where the preset temperature in the truck will be maintained. 

Are you a food manufacturer or importer who often needs temperature-sensitive goods delivery? Still confused about the difference between chilled and frozen transportation? Here is more information: 

Refrigerated : 0 – 8 Celsius

This category of goods will be kept in a chill environment that is about 0-8 Celcius. This means ice cannot be kept frozen at this temperature. Items like fresh vegetables and fruits for transportation can be kept in a chilled environment with this level temperature.  

Frozen : -15 Celsius

For frozen meat and frozen food delivery, especially if you are transporting your goods to a distant place, you need to ensure that they will not get spoiled before reaching their destination. That is why keeping it frozen will ensure it’s freshness. 

Suppose you are looking for frozen transportation or refrigerated goods delivery. Look no further and subscribe to our service now. Our local company is one of the top in the industry. Wondering why we are the best fit for this job? Here are some reasons why: 

Listen And Adapt To Customers’ Needs

We try our best to listen to our client’s needs as we understand how important your work is, and we ensure all goods that are given to us are transported safely to its final destination. 

Experienced Team Using A Systematic Approach

We have one of the best customer services out there. We have a team working behind the scenes to ensure all services are done smoothly. We have dedicated teams working to ensure our customers’ needs, wants, and safety and all stakeholders involved are fulfilled. Our approach is very systematic and reviewed periodically.

Management Continually Looking To Improve To Achieve

As a team, we have had many years in this cold chain logistics niche. We try our best to continuously improve our service from time to time to ensure quality service. Hence we have a number of loyal customers who keep coming back! 

Affordable Rates

We are a main service provider in this industry with affordable rates. However, we make sure never to compromise our quality of service. This means you are served with quality service that is worth every penny you spend! 

Are you convinced or want to know more about our services? Well, get in touch with us by dropping us an email or message, and we will contact you immediately for further actions.