Food Distribution Logistics Services From KL & Selangor For Peninsular Malaysia


We are one of the leading food distribution logistics services in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Peninsular Malaysia. Our cold transportation and logistics business is very widely known for our good services and affordable price with professional staff members. 

We make sure that our team has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to be able to deliver the best quality experience for our customers. Our staff consists of safe lorry drivers who are very experienced. Our company plays an integral part in all businesses we work with. 

Here are some ways how our company can support your business: 

Cold Truck Lorry Rental Service

Are you sending your products to many locations far from your original destination to other states? Our cold truck rental service can keep your products fresh when it arrives, just like it was days before. 

Dry Goods Transportation Services

For dry foods that have a relatively stable shelf life, hire our dry goods transportation service. 

Storage For Dry Goods And Cold Room Rental In Kajang, Selangor

If let’s say you need a place to store your goods before transporting or you do not have enough space. We got your back! You can use our warehouse rental service in Kajang, Selangor where you can store your dry goods and cold room rental where you can keep your chilled food products. So if you are looking for an all in one service where we help you store and deliver your goods, we are the one. 

Delivery Service Across Peninsular Malaysia

One of the highlights of our truck rental service is that we are not bound by the distance! Engage our truck transportation service for delivery to Malacca, Johor and Seremban.

Our food logistics distribution service for our clients includes:

Frozen Food 

If you are in the F&B industry in Klang Valley and provide frozen food delivery for example sausages, burgers and other forms of frozen food, do consider our cold food logistics service.

Dairy Goods 

Dairy products need a cold environment hence we are able to provide cold truck transportation for your company.

Fruits And Vegetables

Efficient and fast fruits and vegetables transportation is important because they can easily be spoiled. We deliver your products on time to preserve its freshness.

Seafood and Meat (Halal)

We help deliver fresh meat and frozen seafood products. Our refrigerated trucks are pork free so Muslim vendors do not have to worry about the Halal status. 

So if you are looking for a food transportation and logistics service in Klang Valley or to other states, call or email us now!