Why Choose a Cold Storage Truck Rental in KL & Selangor Instead of Purchase

Cold storage truck rentals are often used by food companies in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to deliver products to their customer’s doorstep. Due to the recent pandemic, online frozen seafood distributor businesses see increased demand so they are enquiring for storage and delivery of their frozen seafood product. 

The main use of cold storage truck rental is to allow businesses to deliver to their retail customers in Klang Valley and to other locations including Malacca and Johor.

Why should you choose our cold storage truck rental instead of purchasing your own refrigerated lorry? This is an interesting question because you need to do some research if it is worth it to get a cold storage truck rental service. 

This is why you should choose our cold storage truck rental:

  • Our truck rental service can assist you for food transportation solutions for adhoc order or seasonal demand. Our workers are trained to protect the perishable goods and deliver it to the destination punctually. So we can confidently provide solutions for your business needs for frozen or chilled product delivery. 
  • Choose our chiller truck service so you would not have to fork out large amounts to purchase and maintain the chilled trucks. Refrigerated lorries are very expensive to get and the maintenance cost adds up over the years. If calculated in the long term, it is better for you to choose us if you need the cold transportation service.
  • Why not just outsource your cold chain logistics to us? We are ready to help as we have the necessary vehicles and years of experience handling chilled products delivery. In this way, you will have more time to focus on your business operations so you can bring in more customers to the company.
  • Our service coverage in Peninsula Malaysia including to Kuantan, Negeri Sembilan, etc. This is why we are so confident that we are able to meet your demand if you need to deliver goods to your customers in different states. Trust us like your business partner because we have a team of experts that will provide on-time delivery service.
  • There are a variety of chilled lorry or box truck services available, and we even have a 40 foot trailer for corporate delivery which you can engage our truck rental service to deliver frozen food to your customers’ doorstep.

Search no further and contact our customer service team now if you need to get a cold storage truck rental in KL, Kajang or Klang! We will surely give in our best to assist you on how to improve your current business. Do check out our website for more customer reviews.