Hire a 1 Ton Truck Rental for Your Business Goods Delivery in KL & Selangor


Hiring a 1 ton truck rental for your business goods delivery from Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam or Selangor will definitely help you speed up your goods distribution process. With a good distribution of your product, customers’ satisfaction will increase and will help in your business growth.

You can consider hiring our 1 ton truck rental for your business delivery which has a lot of uses such as the following:

Frozen food delivery

The frozen food needs to be delivered using a truck with frozen cargo to keep the product in the frozen state during the delivery process. The temperature control is very crucial to maintain the product in an ice cold state. No worries as we have frozen cargo with a special refrigerator system available for your service.

Fruits and vegetable transport

In order to keep the freshness of the fruits and vegetables, chilled trucks are required to keep these temperature sensitive products in check. Some vegetables are kept fresh under low temperature so that it’ll still be leafy green for several days.

Ice-cream and dairy product

For products like ice cream and dairy products, the temperature needs to be kept optimal or else the condition of the goods will get bad easily. You wouldn’t want the customer to receive a melted ice cream right? 

Frozen food goods

Frozen food goods are to be kept below 0°C in order to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. This is why it’s very important to keep the product at a low temperature to preserve the food to the extent. Not only that, keeping the frozen food frozen can also preserve the nutrients inside the food to extend their life, so that it can be eaten at a later date.

Medical and pharmaceutical temperature sensitive items

Some of the medical and pharmaceutical items are temperature sensitive, so a high quality truck that is able to keep the items in a stable temperature at all times are essential to ensure the items are still in top condition during the delivery. If the medical items are exposed to non-optimal temperature, the effectiveness of the medicine might change unpredictably, which might pose a threat to those who consume it.

After saying this much, you might wonder why should you choose us to deliver your business goods? To answer your question, we put a lot of effort into hiring reliable drivers with a proper driving license to ensure that the goods are delivered to the customers’ doorstep safely. Not only that, we always remind our driver to be punctual on the delivery because we don’t want the customer to wait long. We’re able to provide even reasonable rates to our clients especially those that have a long term working partnership with us.

Check out our other services such as console truck service and partial load truck service, cold room rental or more. We provide a large variety of service to our clients to suit their demand which is always changing. Do contact us through phone call or e-mail to reach us and we shall discuss how we can assist in your business now!