Commercial Uses of 3 Ton Truck Rental in KL & Selangor


There are various commercial uses of our 3 ton truck rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to enhance your business activities. Whether it is for businesses of various sizes such as Small-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) to corporate clients and importers.

How our truck transport can assist your business in Klang Valley:

  • Our trucks can be used to transport your company products whether you are involved in dry or chilled or even frozen food business to various places easily.
  • By utilizing the large capacity of our trucks, we can transport and deliver your goods instantly from Port Klang or the KLIA airport when it reaches, and straight to your factory or warehouse for further processing.
  • If you are a fresh fruit and vegetable supplier, you can take advantage of our lorries to send the customers’ orders directly to their doorstep or store so that the vegetables will be at its freshest condition.
  • For factories, the large cargo of trucks can be used to transport finished goods from factory after production directly to the Food and Beverage stores and to other distributors.
  • Products can be delivered to your customers which are spread out around the corners of Peninsular Malaysia using the truck which is very convenient.

If you need some place to store your items temporarily before distributing it, we also have warehouses available to rent at an affordable price. The warehouse will ensure your items are kept safe and always available when you need it.

We are able to offer tailored transport and delivery solutions to suit your demand.

In addition, all our 3 ton refrigerated truck come with a lorry driver service. Rest assured as our drivers have authentic lorry driving licence and we only hire experienced lorry drivers to transport your goods as we know how important the goods are to you. In order to protect our trucks’ useful life as long as possible, we apologize for not providing self-drive options for all truck service.

Now you may have questions about how versatile our truck rental service is to you. To answer your question, our fleet of 3 ton trucks which are available for hire consists of chilled trucks, frozen trucks, curtain sided lorry, box trucks, and dry trucks.

This means that we can satisfy most of your delivery needs by having various types of trucks that can handle different types of cargo. If you want to transport goods that must be kept fresh like flowers and vegetables, chilled trucks are good for you, but if it’s for non-temperature sensitive products, a dry truck would be best.

After you experience our service, you will receive a whole new level of convenience that our service can provide to your day to day business activities. That is exactly why you should contact us and book a service now before our trucks schedule are full.

If you are keen to transform your business to another level by utilizing our lorry transport service, please call our customer service and we shall further discuss more about how we can help you to enhance your business empire via our cold truck transport.