Importance of Hiring a Reliable Freezer Truck in Kuala Lumpur


Transportation via freezer truck is now one of the main options when it comes to transporting different goods such as vegetables, fruits and frozen food from Kuala Lumpur and Selangor within the city or to other states such as Johor or Penang.

Looking to get a freezer truck transportation service but finding it hard to make a decision? Are you concerned about why you should engage a cold transport service provider?

Here are some reasons why you should hire a freezer truck:

On-time product delivery to customers

Afraid if we can’t make it in time? When it comes to our service, our customers are our top priority. We value our customers time and we make sure all our product delivery is on time. So you do not have to wait for anyone anymore.

Multiple drop-off points to various customers

Have a variety of goods and need to deliver them to different people? No need to worry! You will just have to tick off the different points on your list and we will make sure all goods are dropped off to all your customers at various locations.

Same day transport to preserve the freshness of cargo

Yes, we know what you are concerned about, how to make sure the freshness of the cargo? Well, we transport your cargo goods on the same day to make sure all the freshness is preserved so you do not have to worry about delivering stale goods to your customers.

A clean well-maintained truck which prevents cross-contamination of different foods

Obviously, when you are hiring a freezer truck, the main concern is the cleanliness and hygiene of the truck especially, when transporting food. In this case, do not fear, our cold trucks are maintained well and we make sure we clean them to prevent cross-contamination from different foods. Our responsibility is so your goods stay in a completely safe and hygienic environment.

Temperature control based on your cargo items

With our temperature-control freezer trucks, whether your transportation needs are frozen products or humidity sensitive products, we can provide a controlled transport solution for you. All our freezer and chiller trucks are designed to have their own temperature control so that we can cater to different types of goods delivery requirement when it comes to temperature.

Long term business partner for transport to other states

We also offer long term partnership with our customers who wish to transport goods to other states in Malaysia. You do not have to be concerned over where you need the delivery to be done as we provide by far the best option for your company.

Cost-efficient services

We offer freezer truck service with the most affordable price in town. If you need transportation on an ad-hoc basis based on demand, we are the most suitable option as well as it saves you from buying and maintaining your own freezer truck which is way more costly and inefficient.

Now that you know why you need a freezer truck service, the next doubt to be cleared is how will you get one? Here’s a tip, get in touch with us today and get your goods moving!