Freezer Truck Rental in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor


Our organisation is a company that provides freezer truck rental in locations surrounding Kuala Lumpur and Selangor at an affordable price.

A freezer truck is a truck that has been designed to transport perishable goods at a certain temperature. They can maintain a cold temperature and their temperatures can be used adjusted to suit the item being transported. They work more like refrigerators.

Uses of Freezer Trucks

Below are some goods that can be transported using freezer trucks:

Flowers – In order for flowers to be transported over long distances there is need to put them in cold temperature to ensure its freshness.

Lipsticks and perfumes – These beauty products may damage if exposed to high temperatures and hence they require special transport via refrigerated or chilled lorries.

Seafood and Meat products – Any dealer in these items can agree that a freezer truck is required to maintain the freshness of these products during the transportation to the customers and retail stores.

Other products like milk, ice cream, dairy and other cold state products require freezer trucks for transportation.

Things to consider when hiring a freezer truck

Our business offers freezer trucks of all types and sizes from 1 ton to 40 footer trailers. In order for our trucks to work efficiently for you, there are some factors you need to consider when hiring us.

You need to know the size and weight of your goods in order for us to advice on the best truck for transportation. Different lorries come with different specifications and maximum carrier weight.

You should know the required temperature for your load to help us in fitting and setting the freezer truck temperature. Other than that, do advise our pro team if the transportation will require to be on standby so that we can pick the best truck for your business.

Please call our friendly customer support and sales team today to enquire more about the freezer truck rental service from Klang Valley that we can help your business with.