Box Truck Services in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor


In provision of transport and goods delivery services, box truck service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor has positioned itself as solution to transportation challenges by ensuring care and better handling of the goods and products. Products of all conditions are now transportable with ease when you choose the best box service providers to do the job.

You deserve the best when you hire a box or bonded truck service.

Here are our selection of trucking services that we provide in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and to other states in Malaysia that you’ll like and appreciate:

This box truck service involves using box trucks with refrigerators installed to prolong the lifetime of perishable goods. Goods and products which would fit this type of box truck service include meat, dairy, fruits and vegetables among others.

  • Chilled Box Truck Service

Chilling involves cooling down from normal temperature to a temperature of up to -18 degree centigrade. Our chilled box trucks are well equipped to maintain the temperature of the goods chilling degrees.

  • Frozen Box Truck Service

This service is provided by use of box trucks equipped with mechanisms to cool below -18 degrees centigrade. You can transport hazardous industry chemicals or any other freezable to preserve items

  • Dry Box Truck Service

This transport service which is enhanced by moisture contact prevention box trucks ensures goods are in decent condition hence avoiding their spoilage. It’s the most affordable type of transport service we provide for goods such as appliances and other electronics and business products and inventory which need to be kept in dry conditions.

Dry box truck is able to carry bulky goods and products for long distances in all weather conditions making it ideal for many transport activities

To achieve your transportation goals when you are transporting electrical goods and appliances, or other large and heavy items, give a trial to our affordable straight box trucks services and get your items to all over Malaysia safely and quickly.

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