Cargo Truck Rental in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

It is very important to hire a suitable cargo truck rental service in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor if you plan to deliver your products to the customers’ doorstep. A reliable cargo truck rental service will definitely bring more loyal customers to your business due to the excellent products delivery service. Our team members will ensure that your goods are transported safely during the delivery process, and make sure it’s delivered on time to save you more trouble.

Our cargo truck fleet is available which includes small to medium sized refrigerated lorries for rent and even large 40 feet curtain sider that are ready for your use. Depending on your needs and your product size and volume, you would want to decide which trucks are most efficient and budgetable.

We have cargo truck rental for:

  • Dry Food Items

If you have dry products in large quantities that need to be delivered from factories to process, then our cargo truck is a good choice for you to choose from. 

  • Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are meant to be kept frozen, so a frozen cargo transport truck would keep the products fresh during the delivery process. This is to maintain the quality of the products because these frozen foods go bad easily if not chilled at the appropriate temperature. We have cargo trucks that have a complete freezer system that will keep your product at the optimal temperature, and it is available for transporting your cargo.

  • Vegetables and Fruits Products

Fresh vegetables and fruit products have higher requirements of the trucks in order to maintain its freshness. However, rest assured we have the right cargo truck for it, and we promise that the cargo will be able to stay at a stable temperature that is most suitable for your fresh vegetables transport

  • Export Goods From Port Klang

If you need to send your goods to the other countries for sale, then you can make use of our truck to send the goods to Port Klang to wait for export. We will keep the job safe so that you can confidently send your goods to the foreign countries.

We care for your product safety, and accidents do happen sometimes although we are professionals. We have an option for you to purchase Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance for your cargo if anything bad happens to your valuable goods. 

If you need a temporary space for your cargo product before delivering to the warehouse, we have cold room rental service and warehouse storage rental service available too for your reference.

Please call our customer team on the phone or email if you are interested in our cargo truck rental service in Klang Valley to Johor and Malacca and we shall discuss how we can assist in your business.